About Webac Vibro s.r.o. company

Webac Vibrator is an international manufacturer and distributor of vibration products with over 20 years of experience in the field. Our branches in Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic provide the customer base, more than 1.500 customers in Europe, with high quality electrical and pneumatic Webac Vibrators.

Furthermore, Webac Vibrator offers custom vibration solutions built to satisfy the customer’s unique requirements. In addition, Webac provides its customers with technical consulting concerning the application and employment of all Webac vibration products.


Webac Gesellschaft für Vibrationstechnik mbH was established in 1983. Its founders had many years of experience in the iron foundry industry.

In 1989, the current owners acquired Webac and introduced further types of pneumatic vibrators. Furthermore, electrical vibrators were added to the product range. Since then, all industries which use vibration technique in broad application range are on Webac Vibrator GmbH's client list. Along with the production and shipping of vibration exciters, individual solutions are developed and offered.

Since 1998, Webac Vibrator GmbH has a sister company in the Czech Republic, Webac Vibro s.r.o. which builds electrical external vibrators which not only meet the high Western European technical standards in all facets but also offer a good cost structure for Webac’s customers.