Electrical Microvibrators

Webac WM ‘Micro’ vibrator motors are made with highly resistant light aluminium alloy casing with surface polishing treatment and stainless steel weight covers.

Like all Webac motors the WM series of vibrator motors are produced with the most modern production techniques available and exceed the strictest requirements on efficiency, reliability and longevity. Webac WM motors are e.g. used in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

The vibrators are produced as three-phase models from 24V to 480V with 50Hz or 60Hz. Single-phase models are available from 100V to 130V with 50Hz or 60Hz and from 200V to 240V with 50Hz or 60Hz.

Protection class IP 65 and insulation class F apply to all WM vibrators.

Technical data

Type rpm (min-1) centrifugal force (kg) power (W) max. current (A) weight (kg)
  50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz   380 V 220 V 115 V  
WM3/4 3000 3600 4 6 24 - 0,13 0,30 0,92
WM3/20 3000 3600 20 29 35 0,15 0,17 0,42 1,97
WM3/45 3000 3600 45 45 45 0,16 0,20 0,46 2,20

Třífázové typy jsou dodávány s elektrickou šňůrou (2 m). Jednofázové typy jsou dodávány s elektrickou šňůrou (2 m) a kondensátorem připevněným přímo na šňůře.
Určeno pro trvalý provoz, standardní napětí je 230/400 V 50 Hz ostatní napětí na objednávku.